Company History



Sameera group is a leading organisation, catering to the land aggregation
needs and real estate in Tamil Nadu. We have successfully completed
more than 45 projects in Tamil Nadu and distributed 10 million sq feet
over 1 lakh proud customers in the past 4 decades.The aggregated lands
are aligned with statutory norms and the lands are given for the purpose
of building educational institutions, factories, warehouses, residential
plots, etc. and thereby contribute to the growth of Tamil Nadu. We are
driven by the conviction that people deserve a comfortable, eco-friendly
living and working environment.We believe that every project is the seed
for an incredible journey, where our greatest achievement is realizing the
dreams of our customers.



To create a dynamic, forward – thinking organisation maintaining transparency and
integrity at work and investments that builds an environment of professionalism,
rewarding teamwork and service par excellence.
Sameera always focus to remain a best property development company that provides ideal
class products thereby continuously satisfying the customers.



Our goal is to set high standard in ventures and make it accessible to all our clients and
create value for them by ensuring they are successful in their process of making profits.
Our mission is to be a matchless expert and advisor in the markets we serve. We do not
wish to be just the biggest but the best.



To safeguard the investors in hassle free investments with assured return
To support direct investors in exploring their projects and achieving their goals
Our projects have proved to be best acquisitions for buyers and investors as they have gained incredible returns on their investments.
We assure you with assets that have high return value and tangible assets which offer stable returns and a promise of increased growth. Our residential and commercial properties are definitely a secure investment for our investors.

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